About Us

Equityreporters is a news blog that is unequivocally driven by the zeal to make Nigeria a good or better place for her teeming citizens. The Blog shall ever be prepared to pursue the ideals of equity, justice, transparency and fairness hinged on the principle of universal egalitarianism.

A country endowed with abundance of resources, both human and material, has no basis having her citizens subjected to abject penury. There is hardly any gift of nature that God did not bequeath Nigeria.
Unfortunately, her citizens wallow in poverty of incomparable dimension. The cause of backwardness and hardship in Nigeria is traceable to such factors as corruption, nepotism, mediocrity, inequity and injustice.
Equityreporters.com, being part of the Nigerian project, is determined, as Online News Blog, to play it's own part in reducing these social vices that have fiercely confronted the Nigerian polity through information, enlightenment, advocacy, opinions and interactions.

Once hope is lost in any given project, failure takes it's unwanted position. The Project; Nigeria, is for all of us and it is the responsibility of all and sundry to make sure it works. Through right information, enlightenment, sustainable advocacy and relentless sensitization of her citizens, Equityreporters.com hopes to assist Nigeria realize the dreams of her founding fathers. Equity reporters also aims at bridging gaps that exist in human relationship. It is the aspiration of the Management of this Blog that through her honest contributions, Nigeria and, indeed, the world at large would be a better place to live in based on equity, transparency, justice and fairness.